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Here's The List Of What Your Will Get Inside The Mastermind Circle Pro Training

  • Executive Business Training - We have some high quality executive business training inside designed to be simple and easy to follow and created just for small business owners like yourself. 

  • Interviews & Training With Experts - We have training from some of the top experts in a number of business areas.

  • New Monthly Training - You will find new training being added each month to your members area.

  • ...and this is just to name a few!

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    The Mastermind Circle Pro
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    From the Desk of James Kennedy

    Congratulations you have taking an incredible step and everything that I promised you is inside the members area! You will get access to it very shortly in fact your login details are getting created right now with the power of automation & outsourcing.


    Now I know you are serious not because you have spent a fortune to be hear but you made the commitment and trusted me enough to reach for your credit card to see what I had to offer!


    I appreciate that more than you will ever realise, but I hope you don’t mind me taking a deeper dive and showing you how serious a project this is and how you really could make a fortune from this opportunity.


    What you have invested in is the first tier of our 3-tier platform, Now before we go any further in this conversation the reality is you can stay exactly where you are without going to any of the next 2 levels. I want everything completely transparent going forward as before you committed to joining the Mastermind Circle you were a stranger to me. Now you’re a part of my inner circle even though we have not personally spoke before. I know who you are because your like me searching for a better way, a smarter way to live a better life in a world that has became so unstable you know you need to create your own destiny as big corporations and companies won’t pay you your worth!


    If that resonates with you then let me share with you the potential of this whole platform!


    You have a bight size section of my vision for Mastermind Circle, if I shared it’s full potential at the start you would have probably been overwhelmed or thought I was a mad man! The reality is this is a project that I have been working on for over 5 years getting all the elements in place to deliver an educational platform like no other on the planet!


    I wanted to create a platform that local consultants could use to deliver services to their clients on every aspect of their business so there would be no need to be rejected from potential customers as this platform has everything they would ever need to grow pretty much any successful business!

    The good news is you can access this ever growing platform for a low monthly fee!

    Now I know a lot of people object to the ongoing subscription model but I want you to take a step back and realise why you should always go subscription before a onetime buy out opportunity. Firstly, if it’s a one off payment the chances are the business owner will lose interest in his or her business once sales stop coming in secondly the reinvestment in new tools, trainings and upgrading the technology will stop also. Thirdly the owner will always be working hard to keep his customers happy and loyal to maintain their monthly subscription.

    The only time I ever recommend a one off payment is if it’s a crowdfunding effort to help the owner gain capital to get the initial platform launched as long as they have a subscription model in mind going forward.


    Now I’m going to be honest with you this low monthly fee should pretty much guarantee your business success with all the training and resources you have access to not to mention that you are now an authorised reseller for tier one of the platform. Remember the automation I spoke of at the start of this conversation? Well when you signed up you automatically became a reseller (if you decide to sell access to the platform) check out the bonus section you will get access to everything you need. 


    Even if you don’t join the full platform if you share the link with other people you can profit from when they join tier 1 however if you join tier 2 you can also profit from members who upgrade also which means you make a monthly residual income from this opportunity while having full access to our ever-growing education platform!


    Ok it’s decision time!


    Will You?


    A) stay on Mastermind Circle Lite and make a tidy little income between offering services to local businesses and if you like selling them the access to the training to do it themselves.


    B) Take it to the next level with masses of training as well as outsourcing training to really scale your new venture and offer the complete platform to businesses that can’t afford your done for you services. Allowing you a nice monthly income from your customers without you ever having to do any work at all if you choose to.


    I know this platform has so much potential that anyone you show the full access area would be crazy not to jump on board!


    Get in now for only $197 per month remember this is a launch only price we will be putting this up to $297 per month very soon and that’s when you really will be able to take serious advantage of recruiting new members.


    Wait don’t worry you will be locked in at $197 per month for as long as maintain your subscription the grandfather clause will stay in place, but if you leave you will have to pay the monthly of $297 or more as we grow.


    Don’t hang about to long on this decision we are limiting this offer to only 1000 members globally once we reach our goal, we will kick into full public launch mode. I have spoke to several successful corporate guys and asked them to review this platform as it stands at the moment and they have all come back to me with different figures but the resounding feedback is this platform should be no less than $297 per month and they fell it would be achievable to get $497 per month although it would be a more exclusive business platform at that fee.


    Get in now when you can at this silly price!

    Get Access To The Mastermind Circle Today

    Don't miss out on the special Pre-Launch Price

    The Mastermind Circle Pro

    You pay only $37/month rather than $197/month

    What's Inside The Mastermind Circle Pro?

    We know everybody learns in a different way - that's why we want to help you

    Essential Business Courses

    Simple SEO

    Simple Social Media Marketing


    Lead Generation

    Pin Marketing

    Paid traffic

    Timeline Advertising

    Newsfeed Advertising

    Cold Calling

    Split Testing

    E-Learning Bridge Pages


    Marketing Made Simple With Messenger Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Recruiting

    Business Acquisition

    Get Started

    Executive Business Training

    Servant Leadership

    Employee Incentives

    Employee Recruitment

    Employee Development

    Leadership Transition

    Strategic Planning

    Workplace Morale

    Goal Setting

    Leadership Vs Management

    Conducting Better Meetings

    Time Management


    Project Management


    Company Culture


    Get Started

    Additional Training

    More Business Skills Training

    Mindset Trainings

    Sales & Psychology Of Selling

    Fitness & Healthy Eating

    Interviews & Training With Experts

    Get Started

    Get Access To The Mastermind Circle Today

    Don't miss out on the special Pre-Launch Price

    The Mastermind Circle Pro

    You pay only $37/month rather than $197/month

    Trusted By Local And Online Business Owners

    "The Mastermind Circle is the perfect bundle of step-by-step courses for any business. It includes everything you need to get started. I've already started taking notes and learning from James's course." - Will Stephens

    "The Mastermind Circle - just what I needed to fill the skillsets I was lacking. Great content, courses that just make sense. If you like me need No fluff or BS then this is a step in the right direction." - John McClean

    "The Mastermind Circle provides some great step by step courses that you can apply to any business. Not only that there is ongoing value being added and top notch support with the prime focus of helping you succeed. I definitely recommend you check this out today!" - Carl Topping

    Our Satisfaction Guarantee

    Get this amazing offer today for just $27/month, and get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Join today, go through our program during the next 30 days, and if you don't like it for any reason, simply send us an email and we'll send refund you every penny – no questions asked!

    Get Access To The Mastermind Circle Today

    Don't miss out on the special Pre-Launch Price

    The Mastermind Circle Pro

    You pay only $37/month rather than $197/month

    The Mastermind Circle Is For Any Business Niche

    • Estate Agents

    • Marketing Agency

    • Online Marketer

    • Consultant

    • Dentist

    • Yoga Instructor

    • Authors

    • Personal Trainers

    • Law Firms

    • Chiropractors

    • Entreprenuers

    • And Many More...

    Get Access To The Mastermind Circle Today

    Don't miss out on the special Pre-Launch Price

    The Mastermind Circle Pro

    You pay only $37/month rather than $197/month

    Your Questions Answered

    What is this?

    The Mastermind Circle is a training platform created by a local and online business owner for other local and online business owners. It covers everything you need to help boost your customer base by teaching you how to move your business online. 

    Will this work for my business?

    The Mastermind Circle is created for any type of local or online business. It covers a range of topics include: Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Funnel Building and SEO 

    Can I do this training at my own pace?

    All of the training is available the moment you sign up, this means you can pick and choose which courses you want to do and when you want to do them. 

    Do you keep the training up to date?

    As the world of online and local businesses changes we will update the courses and add new ones. This means you will always have the latest and greatest for each of the areas covered inside the members area. 

    Do you have any guarantees?

    YES! You have a full 30 days to try this out for yourself. If you are not completely 100% satisfied, for any reason at all, just send me a quick email with the word refund, and I'll send you back every penny. No hassles, no questions.

    How do I get instant access to this?

    After you click the buy button and complete the checkout, you will get immediate access to the member's area, where you can access everything listed, as well as a few more surprise bonuses I have for you.

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